Energy as a Driver for Sustainability

Wednesday, 26th October 2022 10:45 - Ballroom C

Moderator: João Martins

• Smartness to existing buildings - Smart2B

  Speaker: Nuno Mateus

• Sustainable energy positive & zero carbon communities - SPARCS

  Speaker: João Cravinho

• Creating community energy systems - CREATORS

  Speaker: Boris Sucic

• Boosting greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2020 with a view to 2030 - CARE4CLIMATE

  Speaker: (to be defined)

• Self assessment towards optimization of building energy - SATO

  Speaker: Marco Lopes

• CBDC powered smart performance contracts for efficiency, sustainable, inclusive, energy use - FORTESIE

  Speaker: Christos Kontzinos

• Next-generation smart city platforms: towards the digital twin paradigm

  Speaker: Felix Villanueva

• Positive energy city transformation framework - POCITYF

  Speaker: Rui Lopes (to be confirmed)

• Integrated Solutions for the Decarbonization and Smartification of Islands - IANOS

  Speaker: Nuno Amaro (to be confirmed)

Human-Centric and Smart Manufacturing

Wednesday, 26th October 2022 10:45 - Ballroom B

Moderator: (to be defined)

• Furniture smartification: do it together with INEDIT

  Speaker: (to be defined)

• XMANAI foundations for explainable AI in manufacturing

  Speaker: Carlos Agostinho

Tourism as a Tool to Enhance Europeanisation

Wednesday, 26th October 2022 14:00 - Ballroom C

Moderator: Marinos Ioannides

• Big and open data for the development of new processes towards atlantic heritage management - BODAH

  Speaker: (to be defined)

• Improving sustainable development policies and practices to assess, diversify and foster cultural tourism in european regions and areas - IMPACTOUR

  Speaker: João Martins

• Social innovation and technologies for sustainable growth through participative cultural tourism - TEXTOUR

  Speaker: Daniel Basulto

• Innovative solutions to better manage tourism flows impact on cultural and natural heritage sites through technologies and big data - HERIT-DATA

  Speaker: Pedro Pereira

• Social and innovative platform on cultural tourism and its potential towards deepening europeanisation - SPOT

  Speaker: Milada Šťastná

Industry 5.0: A Transformative Vision for Digital Europe

Wednesday, 26th October 2022 14:00 - Ballroom B

Moderator: Oscar Lázaro

• The european factory foundation connecting business to new technology providers

  Speaker: Gash Bhullar

• Digital platform for circular economy in cross-sectorial sustainable value networks - DigiPrime

  Speaker: Ioanna Kanellou (to be confirmed)

• How the production technologies cluster (PRODUTECH) supports Portuguese manufacturing industry in their digital transformation

  Speaker: Manuela Azevedo