European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) in the Support of Digital Transformation for the Society

Thursday, 27th October 2022 10:45 - Ballroom C

Moderators: Meike Reimann and Pierre-Damien Berger

• A strategic business approach to creating a sustainable DIH network

  Speaker: Gash Bhullar

• How EDIHs ecosystem can benefit from the DIHs results?

  Speaker: Silvia de la Maza

• How EDIHs can create synergies between them?

  Speaker: Pierre-Damien Berger

• Digital transformation methods and tools for manufacturing SMEs, METHODIH: a holistic framework for managing and governing DIHs in manufacturing

  Speaker: Isidora Trucco

• Support DIHs synergies through network portal

  Speaker: José Ferreira

• African-European collaboration on digitalisation and innovation

  Speaker: Meike Reimann

Technologies Marine and Oceanic Ecosystems

Thusday, 27th October 2022 10:45 - Ballroom B

Moderator: (to be defined)

More info soon.

Success Stories from the European Digital Transformation Acellerators

Thusday, 27th October 2022 14:00 - Ballroom C

Moderators: Bastien Hualpa and Pierre-Damien Berger

• Support to create collaborations between different stakeholders to maximize innovation in products and services

  Speaker: Bastien Hualpa

• Impact that EDIH has on Portuguese industry

  Speaker: Manuela Azevedo

• Leveraging D-BEST service portfolio for the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs: the AI REGIO Gualini Metal Sheet industrial pilot

  Speaker: Alissa Zaccaria

Enabling Maritime Digitalization

Thusday, 27th October 2022 14:00 - Ballroom B

Moderator: Spiros Mouzakitis

• Enabling maritime digitalization by extreme-scale analytics, AI and digital twins - VesselAI

  Speaker: Spiros Mouzakitis

• VesselAI solutions for maritime digitalisation

  Speaker: (to be defined)

• Globally optimal design of ship energy systems

  Speaker: Zou Guangrong (to be confirmed)

• Weather routing and fleet intelligence service in shipping

  Speaker: Roberto Vettor (to be confirmed)

• Shaping the future of the seaports - DataPorts

  Speaker: Andreu Belsa

• How digitalization and data analytics can support maritime decarbonization and regulatory compliance

  Speaker: Elina Furustam (to be confirmed)

Staying Ahead in the Digital Age

Thusday, 27th October 2022 15:00 - Ballroom C

Moderator: (to be defined)

• Digital skills for healthcare transformation - DS4Health

  Speaker: (to be defined)

Digitising Maritime Defence

Thusday, 27th October 2022 15:00 - Ballroom B

Moderator: (to be defined)

• Defence4Tech hub to support the digitalisation of the defence sector

  Speaker: Catarina Nunes (to be confirmed)

• Portuguese defence innovation accelerator for the north atlantic - NATO-DIANA

  Speaker: Rui Vieira (to be confirmed)

• Navy operational experimentation center

  Speaker: Paulo Simões (to be confirmed)